Call for Art Works / Product Demo / Software of Digital Media

Different from the commercial exhibition held at the same period of this conference, the workshop exhibition mainly collects non-commercial art works and applied research works related to entertainment computing.


Especially in:

The form of works and the default submission standards are as follows:

  1. Video presentations

  2. Works of this category will be broadcast live on a unified device. Each submitted work must include a demonstration video and an explanation video. The demonstration video needs to be less than 3 minutes long for live display, and the explanation video is about 10 minutes long which is used for academic exchanges and data compilation.

    Video format requirements: MP4 format, H264 encoding, 1080P or above. The explanation video must be accompanied by subtitles, and the subtitle standard is attached with reference video.
  3. Works with interactive operation

  4. This exhibition provides corresponding space, power, and network support for this class of works. The operation and display equipment required for the experience need to be prepared by the contestants themselves. The organizing committee will prepare a small amount of basic equipment such as computers and monitors in advance if conditions permit, and provide them according to the application. Submission materials for such works include running files, demonstration videos and explanation videos. The demo video also needs to be less than 3 minutes and is used for judging when selecting works. This video is no need to play on site, and the explanation video is about 10 minutes long which is used for academic exchanges and data compilation. The video format standard refers to the first type of works.

    Interactive venue description: limited to the capacity of the venue, the initial setting is to provide an experience space within 8 square meters (4 meters * 2 meters) for each selected work. If more space is required, please explain in the submission materials.

    Send your works directly to Write the following Subject: ICEC2020 Workshop - [AUTHOR's NAME]

Important Dates

Doctoral consortium applications: August 1st, 2020
Doctoral consortium result: August 8th, 2020
Conference: November 10-13, 2020