The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

The eighth wonder of the world. The discovery of Terracotta Army crater in Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor shocked the world in 1974. This was built in the third Century BC underground sculpture group with magnificent majestic momentum, the mighty three army figurines lifelike showed the ancient oriental culture construction, no matter construction age, architectural scale and artistic effect, it is enough to compare with "seven wonders of the world".So, "the eighth wonder of the world" reputation spread like wildfire, become synonymous with Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Terracotta Army. Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses museum is the largest one of ruins in china.

Dayan Tower Cultural and Leisure Scenic Resort

Dayan Tower with a history of more than 1,300 years has become a symbol of the unique style of the ancient city of Xi'an. Dayan Tower is located in the temple of mercy, four kilometers outside the peace gate, which is passed down to Tang Dynasty Yong Hui three years. The maste Xuanzang who went to India for thescriptures,was to build a tower in the temple to store the books he had brought back from India.This tower is towering and lofty, attracted the admiration of the world. It was built only 5 stories and 60 meters high and in the form of the western buddhist tower. After several repairs ,the tower is 64 meters high, with a total of 7 floors and 25 meters in length. Dayan Tower is the outstanding typical China Pavilion style pagoda. The tower with green brick structure, each layer has four coupons brick arches, this pavilion style pagoda shape concise, imposing, significant national characteristics and style of the times.

Xi'an City Wall

Xi'an City Wall represents one of the oldest, largest and best preserved Chinese city walls. It was built under the rule of the Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang as a military defense system. It exhibits the "complete features of the rampart architecture of feudal society". Xi'an City Wall is rectangular in shape and has a total length of 14 kilometres , with almost all stretches subjected to some kind of restoration or rebuilding. As a defense fortification, it was constructed with a moat, drawbridges, watch towers, corner towers, parapet walls and gate towers. It is built in the Chinese architecture style. The wall is 12 metresin height with a width of 12–14 metres at the top and base width of 15–18 metres. There are parapets on the outer side of the wall, built with 5,984 crenels.Ramparts are built at intervals of 120 metres. . There are four watch towers, located at the corners and the moat that surrounds the wall has a width of 18 metres and depth of 6 metres. The area within the wall is about 36 square kilometres, enclosing the small area of 14 square kilometres occupied by the city.

Tang Paradise

Tang Paradise, located on the side of Dayan Tower in the ancient capital of xi 'an, is the first large-scale royal garden culture theme parkdisplaying the Tang Dynasty style in China. In the early history, Tang Paradise is the famous imperial court. Today's Tang Paradise was built on the site of the former lotus garden of Tang Dynasty. It takes "entering history, experiencing the humanities and experiencing life" as thebackground, showing the splendid civilization of the Tang dynasty. The tang-style ancient buildings in the garden are the largest group of buildingsin the world, and it is simply a complete textbook of tang dynasty architecture,concentrated in the Tang Dynasty all forms of construction. Thedesign of building materials adopts the combination of masonry concrete structure and timber structure, which not only preserves the originalappearance of the Tang Dynasty architecture, but also enables the ancient building from being damaged for a long time.

Mount Hua

Mount Hua is situated in Huayin City, which is 120 kilometres from Xi'an. It is located near the southeast corner of the Ordos Loop section of the Yellow River basin, south of the Wei River valley, at the eastern end of the Qin Mountains, in southern Shaanxi province. It is part of the Qin Mountains, which divide not only northern and southern Shaanxi, but also China.Mount Hua is well-known for its sheer cliffs and plunging ravines. It is known as "the most precipitous mountain under heaven" and is probably the most dangerous mountain in the world frequented by hikers.Mount Hua boasts a lot of religious sites: Taoist temples, pavilions, and engraved scriptures are scattered all over the mountain.There are five peaks that make up the mountain: Cloud Terrace Peak (North Peak, 1614m), Jade Maiden Peak (Middle Peak, 2042m), Sunrise Peak (East Peak, 2100m), Lotus Peak (West Peak, 2083m), and Landing Wild Goose Peak (South Peak, 2155m).

Northwest A&F University Expo Park

The Expo Park covers an area of 200 acres, with a total construction area of over 16,000 square meters, including the Shaw Museum of Science and Technology, the Zoo Museum, the Insect Museum, the Soil Museum, the Botanical Museum, the China Agricultural History Museum, 5 professional museums, the Butterfly Garden, the Botanical Garden, and the Arboretum And a variety of germplasm resource gardens, etc., is an important subject base integrating teaching, scientific research, science popularization.